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Dealing with the monster in my mailbox!

Dealing with the monster in my mailbox!
I can still recall the excitement I felt as a child waiting for the postman to arrive. I would write to my friends across the globe and would race outside when I heard the ring of his bell!

There was a certain excitement when a letter arrived! The connection was real and even to this day I have a drawer filled with handwritten memories, pages now brown and fragile to the touch, which still allows me a moment to escape into the past.

Fast forward to my "e-mailbox" today. I dare say, l roll my eyes when I hear the ding of a notification as there is no expectation that there will be something I’m happy to see; yes I am surprised every now and then but for the most part; I’m not. And oh yes, I have only myself to blame, for I’ve signed up for one hundred newsletters too many and I take full responsibility for not caring to read 1/10 of them. 


There are days when I look at my overflowing mailbox and I hover over the delete all button, only to wonder if there is something in there that I might need in the future. Something so important, that thing that I’ll only miss after it’s gone!

This post offers no tips on mailbox management, no tools on tracking or organizing, nothing really helpful for those looking for solutions. I guess I’m just looking for solidarity that I’m not alone and hopefully I’ll find the courage to fight the beast that is my overgrown mailbox sometime soon!

Seriously though, if you do need some help. You'll find some great tips>>> here and here! ;-)

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Katyan Roach

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Thanks for the feedback ladies. Donna-Luisa Eversley I'm gonna start wooing that delete button this weekend. lol

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