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What's your passion and is it enough?

What's your passion and is it enough?
Sometimes I get tired, you know not so much tired in a physical sense but mentally and emotionally tired. I have only myself to blame for I am an over thinker and an over achiever.

I work a full time job, run a business on the side, write and I have a laundry list of things that I still beat myself up over not getting too.

There are moments when I burn out and plunk myself down in front of my pc and binge watch 3 hours of Scandal (damn you Shonda Rhimes) but for the most part, in spite of these moments I still think I’m doing okay.

We all have instances when we wonder what’s the meaning of it all? Why the hustle, why the pushing? Heck, life is short, go sit on a beach; relax! Why the constant “striving for excellence,” the never ending effort to get noticed in this crazy world? Is it for money or for fame?

So why do we keep pushing through in spite of these moment? Of course the desire to live a better life, to be financially secure are all excellent motivators but even more so it’s because there is a desire, a voice inside that says you have to "give" to this life, and even though success can be awesome, we were also put here to learn, to grow and to share.

There is no greater joy for me than to help someone to a moment of clarity, be it about their business, a life goal or a personal goal. To see someone have an “aha” moment, to encourage them to be the best version of themselves is one of my greatest joys, so even in my moments of lull, when I want to run off to the mountains with just my thoughts, a laptop and hopefully Wi-Fi ;-) I remember that my true life’s calling is to serve and as much as I want to be a success, to be recognized as having made some mark in this world, my passion is also the satisfaction of knowing that I would have assisted someone else to dream, to grow and to become a better version of themselves, that’s truly the thing that keeps me going.

It’s another reason I love Bebee. In this space I can be the ‘entire me” I can be Katyan the Social Media coach, the writer and the professional but I can also be the girl complaining about how hard it gets sometimes. I can be my entire authentic self and equally important, I can support others in this space. To help them build their own dreams and aspirations.

What’s your passion, what is it that keeps you going and how is beBee helping you to achieve your goals? I’d love to hear from you.

About me:  I love working with entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses to create and implement workable Social Media Strategies. Strategies that will not only help you to build relationships and reach more customers but also maximize your profits!  Plus I can chat about almost anything so let's connect ;-)

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Javier 🐝 CR

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Indeed, in beBee you can be a professional and a person, because professionals are people. It is an evidence what I am saying but better business is done by sharing personal interests with other professionals. The affinity between people also helps professionally. Helping people professionally also makes you grow as a person and as a professional. It helps you learn from others every day. I learn something new from others every day. The day I don't learn anything new, I go to bed worried.

Katyan Roach

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Aleta Curry I would also love to hear from you guys!

Katyan Roach

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Thanks Devesh Bhatt ;-)

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