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hace 4 años

My Labor of Love

Katyan Roach · As some of you know I've been offline for a bit working on a new project. Really it's a labor of love as I feel the message therein can help many of us. · I believe that the journey to grow a successful business, relationship or life, starts with the messages in our heads.  Our t ...

hace 4 años

I Am Not My Hair

Katyan Roach · I consider myself a no fuss kinda gal. I’m not into brands, designer clothes or shoes. I really couldn't care less about what’s in fashion at any given moment. I don’t mind wearing the same outfit twice or buying two pairs in the same shoes, once it’s comfortable but recently I r ...

hace 4 años

Growing Older, are you living your truth?

Katyan Roach · Wow, you look good, for your age! Black don’t crack! These are all statements that are supposed to make us feel better as we age and even though I love a good compliment as  the next girl, I often wonder why must getting older feel like the perpetual struggle to always look the w ...

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